5 Simple ways to Earn Money for Croman

5 Simple Ways to Earn Money for W.R. Croman

Dear Parents,

Our school benefits from Box Tops for education every year, but did you know that there are 4 more opportunities to earn money for the school?
Box Tops for Education logo
Box Tops for Education
Each Box Top is worth .10 and that add up fast. Look for them on products you may already have in your house. There is now an app you can download and scan your products to! For a complete list of participating Box Top Products go to www.boxtops4education.com
Labels for Education logo
Labels for Education
Each label is worth 1 point unless otherwise marked. Items from a catalog can be ordered based on the number of labels accumulated. Some of these items include Art supplies, PE equipment, computer software, videos, classroom accessories and much more.
TOPS Bonus Plus logo
TOPS in Education
Raise money for our school when you purchase TOPS Brand, TOPS Care or Full Circle products with your TOPS Bonus Plus card. TOPS contributes a percentage of every purchase to the school of your choice. To register your TOPS Bonus Plus card go to www.topsmarkets.com, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on supporting our schools. Be sure to have your Bonus Plus card number handy and follow the directions on the screen.
eLabels.com logo
e-Labels For Education
While you are still on the TOPS website go ahead and sign up for e-Labels for Education. You can electronically get 1 point for each participating Labels for Education product purchased using your TOPS Bonus Plus card. **Note that this is not instead of clipping the UPC labels, you can still clip the UPC labels to maximize earnings for the school! Go to www.topsmarkets.com scroll to the bottom of the page, click on supporting our schools, then click on learn more under the e-labels for education. Make sure you still have your TOPS Bonus Plus card number handy.
Target: Take Charge of Education logo
Target’s Take Charge of Education
Do you have a Target Red Card or Visa Card? Did you know that you can designate a school and Target will donate 1% of your RED card or Target Visa card purchases to the school of your choice? If you have a Target Visa card Target will donate ½% of all purchases made outside of Target. Go to www.target.com/tcoe to designate W. R. Croman today!

We need all the help we can get to maximize our earnings for W.R Croman. We ask that you encourage friends and family to help as well. Anyone can clip labels and register their cards online. Every little bit helps!

Thank you all for you efforts to make W.R. Croman a success for our kids!

W.R. Croman PTSO
If you have questions about any of these programs please contact W R Croman at 297-3145 OR email us at [email protected]
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