In the fall of 2015, Troy Area SD launched the Everywhere, All the Time Learning (EATL) initiative with the Class of 2021 in 7th grade. This initiative provides an iPad to every 7th grader, which they will maintain and use throughout their junior and senior high school careers.

This initiative is embracing the district's recognition of the need for students who are able to use technology in a constructive and innovative fashion.

The district as continued working to develop faculty in learning practices that utilize iPads in an effective manner.  

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To encourage full use of iPads in the Everywhere, All the Time Learning model, the school district does encourage families to make sure they have wifi in their homes.

If you do have access to internet at home, but do not yet have a wireless connections, please contact your internet provider.

If you do not have access to internet at home, please contact Emily S. Ostrom Graham at or 570-297-1615.
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