Eleventh Grade Career Planning

Eleventh Grade Career Planning

Eleventh Grade
  • Individual Counselor meeting will be scheduled in November-December. Come prepared to discuss post-secondary plans/ college guide.
  • Check you rank and GPA.  It is never too late to improve your standing.
  • Sign up to take the PSAT.  It is now the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Service.  You can sign up in the guidance office.  There are a limited number of exams so it is first come first served.
  • Be sure you have a social security number.  You will need it for all aspects of college acceptance.
  • Examine the reasons why you want to continue your education beyond high school.
  • Make list of the post secondary schools that meet your most important criteria:
    -distance from home
    -academic rigors
  • Attend the college fair at Kings College if it is held.
  • Sign up in the guidance office to speak with College and Military Representatives.
  • Start practicing filling out college applications.  You can get old applications in the Guidance office at the beginning of the school year.
  • If you plan on attending a Military Academy start the application process now.


  • Collect all information about college entrance requirements, tuition and fees, room and board costs, student activities, course activities, faculty composition, program accreditation, financial aid and application procedures.  This information is available in the guidance office, at the college/vocationalEducation Planner career program online
  • Narrow your college choices down.  This can be done by comparing schools with the  Education Planner program online.
  • Evaluate and discuss PSAT scores with parents and counselors.
  • Find out what college board tests are required for admission into the schools you are interested in.  SAT, ACT and SAT II subject tests may be required for entrance into your colleges of choice.  You can register for all of the exams online at SAT and ACT or by visiting the guidance office and picking up a paper application.  If you receive free or reduced lunch you can have a one time fee waiver for both exams.  By receiving a fee waiver on the SAT or ACT you are then eligible to receive 4 fee waivers for college applications.
  • The guidance office recommends that students take both the SAT and ACT in the Spring of their Junior Year and the SAT again in the fall of their Senior year along with ant SAT II subjects that may be required for acceptance to their college of choice.
  • You and your parents should attend the Financial Aid Night at the High School Auditorium in January.
  • Begin preparing for the SAT and ACT.  Sign up for the SAT Prep class if you are not already enrolled.
  • Examine your financial resources and search for scholarships throughFastWeb, the guidance web page, and in the guidance office.
  • Be organized, devise a filing system to keep track of college and career correspondence.  You can also develop a student portfolio with the Career planner at Education Planner.


  • Select courses for your senior year.  Be sure to be in alignment with what your career plans are.
  • Register to retake the SAT or take the ACT for the first time.
  • College Essays should be started at this time.  Work with your English teacher in developing a qualified piece for submission.  You can also access books in the guidance office to help with the essay process.  Online assistance for a college essay.
  • Stay involved with activities.  Colleges, Vocational schools and future employers look for consistency and depth in activities.
  • Consider who you will ask for letters of recommendation.
  • Call or write colleges to inquire about personal or individualized visitations.
  • Attend Spring Open House at college you still haven't made a concrete decision about.
  • See the guidance office or contact directly summer programs you plan on applying too.  Also applying for summer employment should start now.
  • Request applications from school you are interested in by mail or via the internet.  Remember if you visit a campus the admission office will sometimes issue you a fee waived application.
  • Attendance is important, if your not in school it will affect your grades and acceptance into college or vocational schools.


  • Visit the campuses of the top five choices you have made.
  • All males must register online with the selective service on their 18th birthday to be eligible for financial aid for post secondary education.
  • After each college visit and interview send a thank you note to the Admission officer that assisted you.
  • Talk to people that have attended the schools that interest you.
  • Start filling out and submitting college applications.
  • Volunteer your time within your community.
  • Ask for letters of recommendations from community and school representatives.
  • Continue to search for financial aid opportunities and develop an action plan related to financial need.
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