Forms, Vouchers, Clearances

Forms to obtain clearances:
You need to do the first one – State police – mark volunteer so it is free
You need to do the second one – Child abuse -  mark volunteer so it is free
You ONLY need to do the third one - IF you have NOT lived in PA for the last 10 years – it is the FBI and it does cost $24.00.
This voucher needs to be completed and turned in to Erin Palmer, treasurer, to receive any money from the PTSO. This includes field trip money, rainy day money, Snowball Junction, Movie Night etc...

Please fill this form out after each event so we know what worked, what didn't work, ideas on how to improve the event, what everything cost to put on the event, what we earned and who our fabulous volunteers were so we can give them the thanks they deserve!
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