Educator Induction Program

Goals of the Educator Induction Program

The Troy Area School District’s Induction Program is designed to support new professional staff and promote successful onboarding, to foster a culture of learning, collaboration and professionalism. 

Educator Induction Program Goals: 
  • Provide educators with a working knowledge of district curriculum and resources 
  • Provide educators with an overview of all technological services at their disposal 
  • Provide educators with information regarding professional practice within the context of the Danielson Framework of Teaching 
  • Provide educators with basic information and knowledge about the school community, school district and students in order to increase effectiveness 
  • Provide experience and professional insights and encouragement to achieve success as new employees 
  • Provide opportunities for reflection and growth 
  • Provide training in topics such as; 
    • Literacy o Educator Effectiveness 
    • Data Informed Decision Making 
    • Lesson Planning and Teaching Strategies 
    • Classroom Management 
    • Parent Conferencing 
    • Differentiated Instruction 
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