NCAA College-Bound Athletes

NCAA College-Bound Athletes

NCAA Clearinghouse student athlete web site for students planning on participating in college athletics at a Division I or Division II college.

Click Here to see the list of approved core courses at Troy High School for NCAA Eligibility
NCAA Approved Courses

NCAA Eligibility Center News:

Students who enroll full time at an NCAA Division I school this fall must graduate high school and meet ALL the following requirements:

- Complete 16 core courses:
  • Four years of English
  • Three years of math (Algebra 1 or higher)
  • Two years of natural/physical science (including one year of lab science if your high school offers it)
  • One additional year of English, math or natural/physical science
  • Two years of social science
  • Four additional years of English, math, natural/physical science, social science, foreign language, comparative religion or philosophy

-Complete 10 core courses, including seven in English, math or natural/physical science, before the start of the seventh semester.  Once students begin their seventh semester, they must have more than 10 core courses completed to be able to repeart or replace any of the 10 courses used in the preliminary academic certification.

-Earn at least a 2.3 GPA in their cor courses.

-Earn an SAT combined score or ACT sum score matching their core-course GPA on the Division I sliding scale, which balances their test score and core-course GPA.  If students have a low test score, they will need a higher core-course GPA to be eligible.  If they have a low core-course GPA, they will need a higher test score to be eligible.

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