• Apps to Encourage Speaking/Saying Words
    (Apps for children who have limited spoken vocabulary)
    Interactive Alphabet Piikea St. 2.99
    Words I Touch I Learn
    Animal Fun Brian Pfiel Free
    I Hear Ewe Claireware Software Free
    My Playhome Shimon Young 3.99
    Alphatots Spinlight Studio 1.99
    Peekaboo HD GotClues, Inc. Free
    Little Finder Innovative Mobile Apps Free
    Photo Touch Zoo GrasshopperApps.com .99
    Music Animals
    Animal Babies
    Tap & Learn Sounds
    Fun for Kids Tycero 1.99
    I See Ewe Claireware Software .99
    Little Garden Martin Man Free
    Tabletots Spinlight Studios 1.99
    Sound Touch SoundTouch 4.99
    Grasshopper Apps.com* - many to choose from
    Kindergarten.com Apps* - many flashcards to choose from
    Apps to Encourage Specific Language Forms
    Speech with Milo: Verbs
    Speech with Milo: Adjectives
    First Words Deluxe (CVC Words)
    Apps to Encourage Individual Speech Sound Use
    Tiga Talk
    Assistive Technology Apps (Apps that produce speech)
    Tap to Talk
    Talking Picture Board