• Troy Junior Senior High School

    Student Assistance Program 

    The Student Assistance Program, SAP, is a way to identify high risk students who are having school-related problems because of alcohol and drug use or who are at risk of suicide and other emotional, social, and mental health problems.  It is a confidential method for intervening and referring students to appropriate community services.  It is an intervention, not a treatment program.



            Anger Management                     Suicide/Depression

            Eating Disorders                           Substance Abuse

            Physical/Mental Abuse                Other Personal Problems

            School Phobia



    Administration                     Parent/Guardian

    Community Agency             Peers

    Faculty/Staff                       Self

    Family Member

    If there is an immediate concern for physical and/or emotional well-being of an individual, contact a member of the “SAP Team” directly or the school counselor.
    (Non-Academic Referrals) 

    The focal point of the Student Assistance Program is to identify and help students who are experiencing social, emotional or physical problems that are detrimental to their success in school and themselves as a person.

    The SAP is designed to function as follows:

    1.  To recognize students with problems – based upon observable behavior

         and student performance (identification).

    2.  To meet or contact parents and students to provide information and data on behavior, performance and district policy (intervention).

    3.  To refer student and family to appropriate agencies (referral).

    4.  To insure the policies of Troy Area School District are followed.

    5.  To establish aftercare support systems as needed (support).

    Support Groups serve as a form of supplemental assistance which provides students the opportunity to constructively express thoughts and feelings, to develop a sense of belonging, to achieve self-acceptance and to gain appropriate social skills in a confidential, encouraging atmosphere.

     Student Tracking Form
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