• Enrichment and Summer Programs

    Daniel Fox Youth Scholars Institute - Since 1974 Lebanon Valley College has offered a one-week, non credit program that enables exceptional high school students to preview college life.  Student can choose from 23 programs in sciences, social sciences or humanities.  The program this summer runs from June 20-25.  For more details go to the Youth Scholars website.

    Misericordia University Occupational Therapy Career Exploration Camp - A three-day, two night camp for students interested in the career of OT.  Open to rising juniors or seniors.  Dates:  June 4 & 5.  To apply click here:  OT CAMP


    Health Careers Camp & Paramedic Camp at Penn College

    Penn College is offering its'  annual Health Careers Camp  for all students entering grades 9-12.  Also, Penn College is offering a Paramedic Camp  for the same age groups.  To register Click Here  or call (570)320-2400, ext. 4519.

    Mansfield Summer Camps

    Engage your child in a Mansfield University summer camp. Encourage your child's learning and allow them to develop new friendships with campers who share similar interests. We provide camps in a variety of formats including residential (overnight) as well as day camps.

    Our summer camps provide a great menu of learning activities to nourish your mind. Relax, learn, bring a friend, and enjoy the magical experience of completing creative projects in a supportive environment and the camaraderie of your peers.

    Our talented staff members provide your child strategies for achieving success that will last a lifetime. Our staff makes your child feel safe and special. We attribute our camps' continued success to our dedicated, experienced and professional staff. Click Here

    Governor's School for Entrepreneurship  -This program is part of the former Governor's Schools.  It is held at Lehigh University.  There is a fee for the program.  For information click here.



    Gillette Economics for Leaders

    The Gillette Economics for Leaders (GEFL) programs are open to students completing their junior year in high school. These leadership retreats are held on prestigious college campuses throughout the United States and combine leadership and economics instruction.

    Economics professors and national recognized leadership facilitators lead in-depth discussions and activities designed to teach participants to understand and appreciate different leadership styles, develop insight into economic behavior, and foster an economic way of thinking about public policy choices.

    FTE bases the GEFL curriculum on experiential learning, with activities, lessons, and discussions held in both indoor and outdoor settings. Click Here

    PA State Police Camp Cadet Program
    Camp Cadet is a community funded program that allows young men and women ages 12-15 an opportunity to see the real workings of the Pennsylvania State Police Training Program. Donations via area businesses and private individuals offset the cost of sending a child to camp for the one week experience. Camp Cadet is not a corrections type program, it is an opportunity for youth to see what ingredients go into police science and experience the different avenues of law enforcement. Application Deadline is March 31.
    The process is open to males and females within the ages of 12 to 15 years. Each application is reviewed and considered. Stop in to any of the Troop P stations located in, Luzerne, Wyoming, Bradford and Sullivan counties, for details click here.



     High School Oratorical Contest - sponsered by the American Legion 

     Pennsylvania American Legion Essay Contest 



    Robert E Cook Honors College at Indiana University of Pennsylvania


    SHP Join us for the Robert E Cook Summer Honors Program

    Robert E. Cook Honors College's Summer Honors Program is a place where talented high school students come together for two weeks and form a community of scholars who explore academic and collegiate living in a real college setting. Working closely with dedicated professors offers promising students the unique opportunity to experience college life while still in high school. 

    Students will live with counselor-in-residence in Whitmyre Hall, share meals in the dining hall, and learn with senior IUP professors during each day's classes. Evening activities expose students to college life outside the classroom. The program closes with a Saturday brunch with faculty and family.

    Click here for more information

    Robert E Cook Honors College Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
    136 Whitmyre Hall, 290 Pratt Drive Indiana, PA 15705 
    Phone 1-800-487-9122 
    email: summer-honors-program@iup.edu

    Click Here


    Georgetown Summer College for High School Juniors

    Summer College for High School Juniors offers outstanding high school students the opportunity to expand their studies with college courses taken in an intensive yet supportive college environment. Juniors live on campus, attend class with undergraduate Georgetown students, and are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources available in our nation's capital. 


    Students in Summer College for High School Juniors enroll in one or two lower division undergraduate courses appropriate to their interests, background, and previous academic achievement.  They will attend class, participate in various programs planned by the counseling staff, and learn about the importance of time management.  By learning to balance their time between academic, social, volunteer and athletic activities, these students will be giving themselves a head start for the future. Click Herefor more information.

    Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week 

    is an intensive program that educates high school students about the American free enterprise system. Bringing motivated students together with business people from throughout the state. This  unique concept in learning has enhanced the lives of more than 19,000 young adults for twenty-seven years.  During PFEW, participants not only learn to appreciate our free enterprise system, but they also see from a practitioner's perspective what it takes to be successful in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Student companies simulate the actual operation of their own business for the equivalent of three years. Facing all of the decisions that real executives are confronted by, the student companies are mentored by dedicated business volunteers who serve as Company Advisors. Sharing their knowledge and expertise, Company Advisors address the most significant issues facing business today in straightforward, informal discussion with students.  Accented with motivational speakers and interactive learning exercises, this one-of-a-kind program furnishes a real life educational experience for eager students. Scholarship winners grasp the value of teamwork, cooperation and leadership and are provided with an invaluable opportunity to develop communication skills.  Please click here to get an application.




    LCCC Young ART Scholar Program
    High School Juniors and seniors are eligible.
    Call 1-800-377-5222 ext 319

    United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar

    The United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar offers the opportunity for rising high school seniors to visit the Naval Academy for one week during the summer. Students will experience all aspects of the Naval Academy including the academic program and midshipman life. Furthermore, students will receive an overview of Navy and Marine Corps service options. If you think that you are interested in pursuing an appointment to one of the nation's service academies and serving your country as an officer, you should seriously consider attending the Naval Academy's Summer Seminar.

    Midshipmen run Summer Seminar with oversight by active duty Navy and Marine Corps officers. Over 1,800 students from around the world attend this fast paced program each year. If you want a summer challenge, the opportunity to sample university level academics at a first-rate institution, discover whether the Naval Academy will help you achieve your goals, and get a jump start on the admissions process, then this program is for you.


     click Here for more information

    Womens Technology Program at MIT

    The WTP is a residential summer program in the MIT Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to introduce high school girls to EECS in the summer after 11th grade.

    The four-week program includes rigorous classes in computer science, electrical engineering, and mathematics taught by women PhD candidates in the MIT EECS Department, and allows girls to explore through hands-on experiments and team-based projects.  Click Here


    Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program

    About the Program
    A Year of Discovery and Learning
    The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program has been helping prepare ambitious young people like you for a global future since 1983. This unique program provides 250 full scholarships for American high school students to live with a host family and attend school in Germany for a year. As a Congress-Bundestag student, you'll gain real world views of current affairs and German social, political and economic life. Whether or not you've studied German before, your language skills will soar, giving you the lifelong asset of fluency in a second language.


    Smart Girls at Penn College of Technology
    - Exposes students to career options in emerging technologies 
    - Encourages a strong foundation in high school math and sciences 

    Pennsylvania College of Technology developed Science and Math Applications in Real-World Technologies (SMART) Girls to counter an alarming academic and social trend: Girls tend to shy away from math and sciences as they enter adolescence and their important high school years.

    SMART Girls provides young females the opportunity to experience math and science as a foundation for careers in technology. Hands-on experiences will range from crushing concrete (working with compression strength) to cyber challenges (creating Web pages). 

    Summer Programs for High School and College Students

    Abbey Road Overseas Programs
    These summer immersion programs for high school students facilitate cross-cultural understanding. Students spend several weeks in either Spain, France or Italy, where they will undergo intensive language immersion and travel to historic sites. The French and Spanish homestay programs focus on linguistic and cultural immersion, while the pre-college programs in Cannes, France, and Florence, Italy, have a greater emphasis on academics (culture, history, art, literature, etc) and take place on college campuses.

    Academic Connections at the University of California - San Diego
    In this three-week program, students immerse themselves in study of a particular academic subject. Options include: engineering, biomedical sciences, humanities/arts, marine sciences, media/ communication, mathematics/economics and social sciences/law. Participants must be in high school and have a minimum GPA of 3.3.

    American Collegiate Adventures
    American Collegiate Adventures offer two-, three- and six-week summer programs at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Students enroll in two college-level courses and take them either for college credit or personal enrichment. American Collegiate Adventures also offers a four-week program in Spain.

    Bentley College – Camp Bentley
    Bentley College, located in Waltham, Massachusetts, offers a one-week residential summer program for students entering the 10th, 11th and 12th grades – "Wall Street 101" and "Leadership Institute". Within a fun and interactive setting, the programs offer students an opportunity to learn about careers in business.

    California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science
    This four-week residential program gives high school students a chance to take university-level math and science courses at one of three University of California campuses - Santa Cruz, Davis or Irvine. Students live in campus housing with other program participants. Full and partial scholarships are available.

    Columbia College of Chicago
    This program is for students who have a serious interest in the fine arts, performing arts, media arts or communication arts. Participants will choose from a selection of courses and earn 1-3 college credits. The program culminates a showcase, in which students share their finished work in a day of performances and exhibits. The program is open to current high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.

    Concordia Language Villages
    Concordia Language Villages is a world language and culture education program. Their mission is to prepare young people for responsible citizenship in the global community. With an annual enrollment reaching 9,500, Concordia Language Villages draws young people from every state and several countries. Villagers may choose from 12 world language programs: Chinese, Danish, English, Finnish, French, French Voyageur, German, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Italian or Swedish.

    Cornell University - Summer Programs for High School Students
    High school students take Cornell courses for credit, live on campus, explore academic and career opportunities and learn what college is all about. Some courses may be taken for academic credit.

    Duke University's Pre-College Program
    Part of Duke University's Talent Identification program, Duke's Pre-College Program offers small classes taught by Duke University faculty and a residential life program. Intensive, fast-paced courses are offered in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics and computer sciences.

    Harvard Summer School Secondary School Program (SSP)
    Every summer approximately 1,000 high school students who have completed their junior or senior year spend eight weeks at Harvard University. (A limited number of sophomores are also accepted.) Living and learning with students from all areas of the United States and more than 90 countries around the world, SSP students take courses and earn college credit.

    Indiana University - High School Journalism Institute
    The High School Journalism Institute is designed for high school students interested in journalism. Participants examine the role of the media, analyze their own and other student publications and develop the skills needed to produce quality publications. Faculty members from Indiana University and guest lecturers from around the country guide student courses of study.

    Lehigh University - Former Governor's School - The University of Pittsburgh Health Career Scholars Academy and the Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship at Lehigh University. These programs are to provide the experience and necessary skill needed for students as they continue their education beyond high school. Both programs have maintained the same curriculum and selectivity as the former Governor's Schools.

    Miami University of Ohio - Junior Scholars Program
    The Junior Scholars Program is a six-week summer term for academically talented high school students. The Program provides a total collegiate experience, including courses for college credit, residence hall life, planned recreation programs and co-curricular seminars. Junior Scholars also receive scholarships in recognition of their scholastic achievements.

    Mathcamp is an intensive five-week summer program in which students receive dedicated instruction in various principles of mathematics. The program offers courses, problem-solving sessions and lectures by leading mathematicians. The program is open to high school and junior high students ages 13 to 18. A qualifying quiz is required of all applicants.

    National Youth Science Camp
    The National Youth Science Camp is an intense month-long camp for young scientists the summer after high school graduation. In a rustic setting, students from around the country are challenged in lectures, hands-on studies and an extensive outdoor program. Two students from each state are invited by their governor to participate in this all-expenses-paid program.

    New York Film Academy's High School Workshop
    These immersion workshops range from four-week programs to full-year programs. They are designed to introduce students to the creative and technical demands of telling stories with moving images. Students have the opportunity to write, direct, shoot and edit short films. Award-winning instructors, abundant equipment and small classes provide students with the individual attention and support necessary to complete their own work.

    Rhode Island School of Design Pre-College Program
    The six-week RISD summer Pre-College Program introduces high school students to the focused curriculum of a college of art and design. Students live in residence halls, attend social activities and study a particular subject in the fine or visual arts. Participants must be high school students between the age of 16-18 years old.

    Summer Study Programs 
    The Summer Study Programs at Penn State University, University of Colorado at Boulder, and The American University of Paris combine academically challenging courses with the experience of campus life. Students completing 9th, 10th or 11th grade can choose from several programs: three and one-half-week Summer Enrichment or six-week college credit Summer Study Program at Penn State University; a three-week enrichment program (no credit) or five-week college credit program at The American University of Paris; or a five-week college credit program at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

    Summer Science Program (SSP) - Ojai, California
    The Summer Science Program in Ojai, California, exposes selected high school students to advanced topics in mathematics, astronomy and space science. SSP challenges its students to calculate the orbit of an asteroid using their own direct telescopic observations.

    Telluride Association Summer Programs (TASP) 
    TASP is a six-week educational experience for high school juniors. Students participate in seminars led by college and university members and participate in educational and social activities outside the classroom. Telluride Association seeks students from all kinds of educational backgrounds who demonstrate intellectual curiosity and motivation. Telluride Association Summer Programs are free; every student awarded a place in a TASP attends the program on a full housing, dining and tuition scholarship.

    Tufts Summer High School Program
    Since 1982, Tufts has attracted top-caliber high school students who wish to spend their summers pursuing academic excellence and social maturity. Tufts programs are kept small so students receive individual attention from instructors. Two different programs are offered: Tufts Summit (Talloires, France) and Tufts Summer Study (Medford/Boston).

    University of Chicago - The Young Scholars Program
    The University of Chicago offers an enrichment program in mathematics for Chicago Public School students. Students attend daily seminars given by University professors and solve mathematics problems based on these seminars. Topics include number theory, geometry and probability. Students also learn computer skills. Tuition is free for those accepted.

    University of Dallas Summer Study in Europe
    The University of Dallas' programs use European travel to stimulate careful reading, writing and thinking about life's most serious questions. Courses are led by experienced University faculty and staff.

    University of New Hampshire Upward Bound Summer Program
    During their six-week summer program, students live on the campus of the University of New Hampshire and take five classes in the following areas: math, science, English, electives and "success studies" (SAT prep, study skills, etc). Small classes are designed to inspire excitement about academics and give students a head start on college.Virginia Tech Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity Summer Programs.

    Pre-College Initiative (PCI) is co-sponsored by Virginia Tech's National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity (CEED), with the goal of increasing the number of African American students who are prepared to enter college, ideally majoring in engineering, math, science, and other technical disciplines. Initially, the program begins with a weekend event, allowing students to stay overnight on Virginia Tech's campus. Subsequently, the students will be invited to return to participate in activites throughout the academic year.

    College Fairs 
    The CEED participates in several college fairs throughout the year. At these events, information about Virginia Tech's College of Engineering is provided to prospective students. The college fairs offer a means of increasing the visibility of Virginia Tech and reaching out to those students who may not have the opportunity to visit our campus. For additional information, contact our office at ceed@vt.edu

    University of Pennsylvania Programs for High School Students
    Penn's summer programs combine rigorous classroom and lab work with a wide range of social activities, trips and tours. Opportunities are available for residential students, commuting students and distance learners. Each of Penn's summer programs for high school students offers a college-level experience that smoothes the transition from high school to college.


    Juniata College Summer Camp for grades 8-10


    Find Your Focus is an academic camp intended to offer bright high school students new perspectives on the wealth of opportunities a liberal arts college education provides. Students will explore different academic options to discover that one of the most unique facets of  a liberal arts education is that a student has the ability to diversify his or her education, choosing from a variety of disciplines to create a well-rounded experience.  Each student will enroll in three courses, two in the morning, and one in the afternoon, taught by Juniata College faculty members.  Students will also listen to large group lectures designed to answer some of the most popular questions prospective college students raise, including: how does the college admissions process work and how can I make my application successful; what is study abroad, should I do it, and how does it work, among others.  To introduce students to the social atmosphere of college life, each evening they will be invited to attend large group activities where they can relax and interact with peers.  Click Here for the registration form



    The Wooster Digital Film Experience


    The Wooster Digital Film Experience introduces beginning and intermediate film writers, actors, directors and producers to the independent film process. Using digital film technology, students will take on some of the various roles involved in the world of film production. The camp begins with three days of intensive script writing instruction. Working in groups, students will develop 10-minute short scripts highlighting strong story lines, believable characters and exciting dialogue. Students will then “pitch” their scripts in a selection process. Chosen scripts will be filmed, allowing students to experience acting, directing and producing. Students will also serve as crew members, and learn about digital video cameras, sound, editing, lighting, location scouting, and other skills required to produce an independent short. The schedule will vary based on the production and instructional needs of the process. Days will include writing, filming and editing. Nights will be free for film viewing or relaxation.


    PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

    DCNR is offering a unique opportunity for students with an interest in pursuing a career in natural resources as well as some career paths they can take to get a job in the DCNR or associated organizations.  It is called the ECO Camp (Exploring Careers Outdoors).  Please contact a DCNR representative at 1-814-276-3576 or email at blueknobsp@state.pa.us

    The Clarkson School for Young Scholars

    The Clarkson School , a division of Clarkson University for talented high school students, will once again be offering the Young Scholars Program.


    Now entering its fourth year in its current format, 'YSP' provides a unique summer experience for students. Consistent with Clarkson's overall mission of interdisciplinary education, students are given a problem to examine and solve from three different perspectives. The three main disciplines that will be incorporated into the program are business, engineering and ethics/social values. Working together, students conduct research and make a final presentation to community leaders. This innovative program sparks intellectual development and requires students to exercise strong communication skills, and cooperative problem solving.

    We seek motivated and talented sophomores and juniors (rising juniors and seniors) to participate in our summer program. Students who are selected to participate, and meet the admission requirements, will receive a $4,000 scholarship** ($1,000 per year) towards tuition if they attend Clarkson University full time for their undergraduate education.


    WISE CAMP (Women in the Sciences and Engineering) 11th or 12th Grade

    Interested in women in the sciences and engineering has been growing over the past ten years.  Penn Stateinstitutionalized its commitment to support women in these fields by creating and providing baseline funding for the WISE Institute. 

    The Institute represents an innovative approach to cross-disciplinary interaction among engineers, humanists, scientists, and social scientists to address the under representation of women in the sciences and engineering atPenn State , nationally, and internationally.

    The primary mission of the WISE Institute is to enhance the entry and success of women in the Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology (SMET) fields at all levels to achieve gender balance at The Pennsylvania State University. The WISE Institute coordinates with colleges across the University, K-12, and external stakeholders to leverage women’s participation in the SMET fields where women are underrepresented. The WISE Institute collaborates with the Commission for Women (CFW), the Center for Women Students, and the Women’s Studies Program. The Institute serves as an advocate for women atPenn State . 



    Pre-collegiate Programs at Marywood University

    Qualified high school students can experience college life, gain advanced university standing and earn college credit at a reduced tuition through the School of Continuing Educations pre-collegiate programs.


    (High School Juniors & Seniors)

    Momentum is a special college acceleration program that provides qualified high school juniors and seniors with the opportunity to earn college credits and experience college life while completing requirements for high school graduation.

    Students may choose from a wide variety of courses during the summer, fall and spring semesters.

    Courses may be available on site at Marywood University , online or through video conferencing.


    (All High School Students)

    Pathways is a two-week summer program for qualified high school students, grades 9 through 12, who wish to explore college life and earn up to three college credits. Pathways offers students a number of credit and non-credit seminars to choose from, along with a variety of extra-curricular activities. The Pathways program enables students to experience a college environment while exploring different fields of study, enhancing valuable skills and participating in social activities.


    Momentum and Pathways students must be in the top one half of their high school class, meet minimum GPA requirements and submit the following:

    •  Completed application

    •  Official high school transcripts

    •  Letter of recommendation from high school guidance counselor

    College Preparation Workshops

    Study Skills for Students

    Study skills for high school students is a series of workshops geared toward high school students. Topics will include note taking, time-management, test-taking skills and study techniques. Learn more about yourself and develop the necessary skills to be successful in your schoolwork.

    SAT Review

    Be prepared for test dates May 3 and June 7. Improve your SAT scores with a comprehensive verbal and math review. Included in the class is an overview of test taking strategies. Class size is limited to allow individual attention to student needs.

    School of Continuing Education 
    Marywood University 
    2300 Adams Avenue 
    Scranton, PA 18509 
    For more information 
    Call: (570) 348-6237 or 1-TO-MARYWOOD
    Fax: (570) 961-4776 
    E-mail: conted@ac.marywood.edu


    Arcadia University


    Camp Shakespeare Ages 10-18

    Put yourself on center stage in one or both of these sessions. Working theatre professionals and educators introduce students to Shakespeare’s language. Participate in workshops that review acting, voice and speech, dance/clown/mask, and stage combat.

    Hot Art For 10th-12th graders and recent high school graduates

    Hot Art goes to Scotland! This camp is structured in three phases to prepare the serious minded art student for college level work. Phase II, conducted in Glasgow, Scotland, also allows students to capture their experiences in their own visual journal. Program culminates in a student art exhibition at Arcadia.

     Creative Writing For 11th & 12th graders

    Jump start your college career with the skills to do good writing and excellent research. Paper and electronic sources covered. Experience “smart classrooms” and the state-of-the-art Landman Library.

    Shippensburg University Summer Camps and Science Academy for Girls

    Shippensburg University offers a variety of summer camps to improve athletic skills, to provide academic enrichment, or just to experience something new and fun. Camps in twelve different sports for both boys and girls and camps in several different academic disciplines are available to those interested in living on campus or to those preferring to commute.

    For more inform information about these camps, call (717) 477-1256, or e-mail your request to sucamps@ship.edu.

    Shippensburg University is proud to provide an interdisciplinary hands-on Summer Science Academies for Girls entitled Mars Mania.

    Applicants will have completed grades 6-8 and are participating in Mars Mania will be part of a team to investigate various aspects of Man's interest in the Red Planet. They will participate in hands-on experiences with computers, rockets, and robotics - all of which are integral parts of space exploration. The teams will investigate and experiment with three aspects of journeying to another planet by understanding the planet from an Earth-based view; planning the trip and getting there; and exploring the planet using remote sensing. The girls will be mentored and instructed by females majoring in science and education as well as female science and education family.


    What you should know:

    • Applicants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Due to limited class size of 40 girls per week, it is very important to submit your application ASAP.
    • Fees include Academy instruction, lab materials, room and board, limited medical insurance, Academy T-shirt, camp gift, and certificate.
    • The Academy begins with registration in Heiges Field House and ends with an exhibition for the parents .
    • Academy faculty:
      Dr. Kay Williams, director 
      Dr. Christine Royce, teacher education
      Dr. Natalie Semuskhina, physics

    General Information


    Only two campers will be assigned to a room in a residence hall conveniently located on campus which includes 24-hour supervision. Sheets, pillow, and pillowcase are provided, however, you must bring your own blanket, towels, and washcloths. Coin-operated washers and dryers are available in the residence hall.

    Key policy

    Campers who do not turn in their room key at camp dismissal will be subject to a lock change fee.  For security reasons, lock changes must be made immediately before the next group arrives. Key return after check out is not permissible. There will be no exceptions.

    Health Services

    The university's Etter Health Center, with a nurse on duty 24 hours a day, is available to any camper needing medical attention. A certificate of health must be presented by each participant at camp registration. A standard form will be sent to you upon acceptance. This form does not require a physician's examination or signature.

    Shippensburg University is a coeducational multipurpose university in south central Pennsylvania. It is located 45 miles west of Harrisburg and 30 miles north of Gettysburg. Founded in 1871, Shippensburg University is a member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. It is a comprehensive, regional university offering both graduate and undergraduate programs in three colleges: Arts and Sciences, Business, and Education and Human Services.


    Complete fee information is listed on the registration form (PDF).

    For more information about these camps, call (717) 477-1256, or email your request to sucamps@ship.edu.

    Tyler Memorial Hospital Jr. Volunteer Program


    Alfred University welcomes pre-high school students to campus each summer to take part in the programs listed below. This is an opportunity for students to learn more about their fields of interest, to sample life on a college campus, and to meet other students with similar interests and academic ability.

    Click Here

    Keystone Boys State Program


      Keystone Boys State is a one-week intensive learning experience conducted by the American Legion Department of Pennsylvania. The program is an example of living and operating a democratic society. If we are to continue to move forward as a free and democratic nation, we must educate our young adults in the workings of the democratic process. As the watchdog of democracy throughout the world, the next generation must be prepared to understand and safeguard our democratic process. KBS will prepare you to take an active leadership roll in this process. KBS offers something for everyone. 

    You will form political parties, run for office, make laws enforced by your police force, publish a newspaper and compete in sports. The professional staff will instruct you in principles of operating and participating in a democratic government. If you are a leader interested in learning the politics of governing, then I urge you take the challenge and attend this intensive learning experience. 

    In addition to spending one week on the beautiful campus of Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, you will compete for one of three $1,000 scholarships, given by the American Legion Department of Pennsylvania. 

    The annual program is held at Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA. Any high school boy who will have completed his junior year of high school prior to the program is eligible. Either contact your school guidance counselor, local American Legion Post, or Pennsylvania American Legion Headquarters for more information.  Theapplication and medical formneed to be completed before a student can be eligible. Applications are in the Guidance Office.

    The American Legion Auxiliary sponsors Keystone Girls State, the same program for high school girls. For more information on this program, contact: American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Pennsylvania, PO Box 2643, Harrisburg, PA 17105


    PAVE at Vanderbilt University 

    is a six-week summer course of study designed to strengthen the academic skills of students who are planning to enter a college engineering, pre-medical, science, or technology program. If you are an eleventh grader and planning to take advanced placement or honors mathematics and science courses, the PAVE program will fortify your senior year and potentially improve your ACT, AP, SAT and TOEFL test scores while increasing your chances for admission when you apply to college. If you are a graduating high school student and are planning to attend any institution, this program not only exposes you to campus life, but also provides you with the experience to overcome the rough spots you may encounter.

    In addition to strengthening your background, PAVE can help you decide if a technology-based degree is really the field for you. As a participant, you have the opportunity to improve your problem solving skills, technical writing skills, computer application skills, and laboratory skills by performing experiments in the sciences and engineering disciplines. If, after your undergraduate degree, you are considering obtaining a business, economics, engineering, journalism, law or medical degree, you will benefit from having the experience that PAVE(click here for more info) provides.

    Carnegie Mellon

    SAMS-Science and Math

    Students with diverse backgrounds who are entering their junior or senior year of high school and who are considering careers in engineering, science and other math-based disciplines are eligible to participate in this rigorous program. Traditional classroom instruction is combined with creative "hands-on" projects that allow students to apply concepts and principles introduced in the classroom.(more...)
    *Students attending the Summer Academy for Mathematics & Science will arrive on campus on June 25.

    A limited number of students applying through the SAMS Program may be recommended for our Advanced Placement/Early Admission (APEA) program. APEA is a challenging credit-bearing program in which students take regular Carnegie Mellon classes for full credit. The credit can be used at Carnegie Mellon or may be transferred to other universities for advanced placement. APEA students typically choose two courses from a variety of subjects

    Pre-College Fine Arts

    A limited number of students applying through the SAMS Program may be referred to our Pre-College Fine Arts Program. In our Pre-College Fine Arts Program, students can explore a discipline in order to determine their level of interest for future study at the college level. The Pre-College setting mirrors Carnegie Mellon's undergraduate curriculum, which consists of demanding studio or conservatory-based courses.


    Harvard Secondary School Summer Program  

    Each summer, Harvard Summer School offers high school students an extraordinary chance to sample college. You can take college classes taught by fine instructors, meet students from around the world, and take part in social, recreational, and college preparatory activities: a college fair, trips to other colleges, intramural athletics, dances, a trivia bowl, music groups, and a talent show. You'll take college classes along with college students, you'll choose your friends from a large and diverse student population, and you'll plan your own time.  New or expanded features of the Secondary School Program (SSP) include the Math Program, the Writing ProgramSummer Seminars, andCollege Prepactivities and workshops.  Click Herefor more information.

    Emma Willard School offers summer programs for girls of many ages.

    1. Girl Summer Residential Program . EWS has created three two-week overnight sessions for older girls entering grades 7-12. Now entering its third year, our extraordinary Summer Academic Enrichment Program features nine distinct academic tracks.

    Pre-College Summer @ Brown University 

    Brown University has a two hundred and fifty-year history of challenging students to think critically, expand their horizons, and find the academic path that leads people to become leaders, scholars, and explorers. Brown's Pre-College summer programs expand that tradition to exceptional high school students from around the world who desire to challenge themselves both intellectually and emotionally.  Click Herefor more information.

    Kenyon Review Young Writers 

    A two week workshop in writing for high-school students (ages 16-18). The goal of YW is to help students develop their creative and critical abilities with language–to become better, more productive writers and better, more insightful thinkers.   Click Here for more information.

    Lebanon Valley College Daniel Fox Youth Scholars Program 

    A residential program for exceptional high school students.

    Spend a week experiencing life at a college known for its atmosphere of academic excellence and personal attention - a college chosen by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top tier "Best Universities - Master's" in the North.
    Click herefor more information.


    For 32 years, Lebanon Valley College has offered a one-week, non-credit program that enables exceptional high school students to preview college life. At the Daniel Fox Youth Scholars Institute, they come to campus to take an intensive workshop in the sciences, social sciences, or humanities, choosing from 15 possibilities.

    Youth Scholars work closely with College faculty members. They are encouraged to make use of the College's well-equipped science laboratories, computer labs, and athletic facilities.

    Youth Scholars live on campus and may take part in a wide range of activities. There are supervised social activities and off-campus trips, including sports, swimming parties, dances, movies, and an outing to nearby Hersheypark.


    Gettysburg College Academic Camps    The camps offer several areas of interest including, Astronomy, US Civil War, College Prep, Creative Writing, Service and Leadership and Spanish.  Interested students should contact the guidance office or call Justin Laman at 1-800-289-7029 oracademiccamps@gettysburg.edu

    Saint Francis University

    St. Francis University offers the science and the Art of Discovery program for students between their junior and senior year.  For more information go to www.francis.edu/step


    is Union College’s premier summer academic program for rising 8th—12th grade boys and girls. This program offers its participants the opportunity to experience a pre-college curriculum while living on a magnificent college campus. Union College, chartered in 1795 by the Regents of the State of New York, represents the best of a liberal arts education.

    FivePoints has modeled the breadth of its curriculum on Union College’s unparalleled commitment to cutting edge instruction, technology, and superb social and residential experiences. Coursework is age and aptitude-appropriate, providing a stimulating and supportive intellectual environment. With many opportunities for fun and relaxation, each student lives, laughs and learns with a host of new friends from across the country.Click Here


    Ithaca College - Summer College for High School Students : One week and three week programs in media, the arts, social sciences and other areas.  For more information, Click Here
    4 Star is owned and operated by Four Star Summer Camps, Inc. and is not an agency of the University of Virginia.  4 Star began summer camp operations at the University of Virginia in 1975.  Over 25,000 students internationally have attending various 4 Star programs.  50% of our students are either repeaters or referred by former students - a percentage of which we are very proud.
    Rachel Posner Rogers - Director
    Phil Rogers - Former coach of the UVA Women's Tennis team.
    Ann Grubbs - Marketing & Personnel
    Marietta Naramore - Adminstration
    Each summer we bring together an outstanding group of counselors, Program Directors, and Resident Advisors to ensure a safe and positive experience for our students.  Supervision is clearly our number one priority at 4 Star Summer Camps but other goals include building a caring and supportive environment with attention given to each individual.  Our staff and counselors are the cornerstone of a great summer experience and have received the highest praise of our past students.Click Here
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