• Ninth Grade

    • Meet with your counselors and start planning your career interests.

    • Check to make sure you are enrolled in the appropriate academic program.


                   College Preparatory

    • Academics are important to your success so work towards your full potential.


    • Get good grades starting now!

    • GPA and class rank start to be calculated at the start of your ninth grade year and will be part of your permanent record.


    • Extracurricular activities based in and out of school is also an important part of career preparation.

    • Parents know you best, listen to their advice and of other adults that know you well.

    • College is expensive, start exploring ways of paying for or funding your college costs.

    • Use the internet and books available in the guidance office to gain information about colleges and vocational schools:






                Admission Requirements

                High School Course Requirements

    • Tour colleges and vocational schools if possible.

    • Look into participating in summer and in school exploratory programs.

    • Attendance is important, if your not in school it will affect your grades and acceptance into college or vocational schools.

Last Modified on May 23, 2018