•  Tenth Grade


    • In early October sign up for and take the PSAT, sign ups are in the guidance office.  There are a limited number of exams so it is first come first served.


    • College Preparatory students should be taking Geometry and/or Algebra II and a second foreign language or Algebra II


    • Know the general admission requirements for colleges and vocational schools you are interested in.



    • Remember to b e active in school and community activities.  Work toward leadership positions in the activities you like best.


    • Work with your counselors to better understand your ASVAB test results.


    • Tour the Northern Tier Career Center to see whether or not a vocational career is right for you.  Click Here to enter Northern Tier Career Centers Home Page


    • Service Learning programs become available in your Junior year.  Discuss SL information with your parents to explore this option.


    • Read and then read some more.  Comprehensive reading lists are available from your English teacher.  Reading will help with standardized test scores and also your understanding of current events.


    • Work on writing skills, think about taking advanced composition as an academic elective. 



    • Keep your grades up throughout the completion of your sophomore year.  This will directly influence your GPA and class rank.


    • Start thinking of AP or Dual Enrollment course selection or possible vocational placement at the Northern Tier Career Center.


    • Self assessment of your strengths and weaknesses is a key component in career selection and success.


    • Enroll in spring and summer programs available in your local area:


                Governors School


    • If you are interested in attending one of the Military academies, now is the time to start getting pertinent information about the process.


    • Start to visit college campuses.


    • Attendance is important, if your not in school it will affect your grades and acceptance into college or vocational schools.

Last Modified on May 23, 2018