• Troy participates in the Dual Enrollment Program with Keystone College, Lackawanna College and Pennsylvania College of Technology. 
    Dual Enrollment Courses for 2016-2017 through Keystone College:
    AP Calculus - Calculus I
    AP English - College Writing II
    AP Statistics - Statistics
    Honors Economics - Principles Economics I
    AP Chemistry - General Chemistry I
    Anatomy & Physiology I - Human A & P I
    Anatomy & Physiology II - Human A & P II 
    Speech - Speech Communications 
    Spanish III - Elementary Spanish I
    Spanish IV - Elementary Spanish II
    To have your Keystone Transcript sent to the college or university of your choice, contact Keystone College Registrar's Office:
     There is a $5 fee for every requested transcript.
    To qualify to enroll in these courses, students must be in good standing and be in at least 11th grade.  Tuition for these courses is $100.00 per credit (each course is worth 3 credits).  Registration and payment are due at the same time.
     Dual Enrollment Courses for 2016-2017 through Lackawanna College:
    Accounting II - Principles of Accounting
    College Prep Math - College Algebra
    English 12 Honors - College Writing
    Physics II - General Physics I
    To have your Lackawanna College Transcript sent to the college or university of your choice, contact Lackawanna College Registrar's Office: 
    Dual Enrollment Courses for 2016-2017 through Pennsylvania College of Technology: (free)
    Web Design - Web Design
    Construction Hand & Power Tools - Construction Hand & Power Tools
    Psychology - Psychology
    To have your Pennsylvania College of Technology Transcript sent to the college or university of your choice, contact Pennsylvania College of Technology Registrar's Office: 
    Any questions, contact the Guidance Office at 570-297-8705 
Last Modified on October 27, 2016