• Dual Enrollment gives your child an opportunity to recieve college credits while still in high school.
    Dual Enrollment is available to Juniors and Seniors that meet certain academic requirements and complete the application process.
    We currently offer Dual Enrollment courses through Keystone College, Lackwanna College and Penn college NOW.
    Dual Enrollment Courses for 2017-2018 through Keystone College:
    AP Calculus - Calculus I
    AP English - College Writing II
    AP Statistics - Statistics
    Honors Economics - Principles Economics I
    Anatomy & Physiology I - Human A & P I
    Anatomy & Physiology II - Human A & P II 
    Speech - Speech Communications 
    Spanish III - Elementary Spanish I
    Spanish IV - Elementary Spanish II
    To have your Keystone Transcript sent to the college or university of your choice, contact Keystone College Registrar's Office:
    There is a $5 fee for every requested transcript.
    To qualify to enroll in these courses, students must be in good standing and be in at least 11th grade.  Tuition for these courses is $100.00 per credit (each course is worth 3 credits).  Registration and payment are due at the same time.
    Dual Enrollment Courses for 2017-2018 through Lackawanna College:
    Accounting II - Principles of Accounting
    College Prep Math - College Algebra
    English 12 Honors - College Writing
    Physics II - General Physics I
    To have your Lackawanna College Transcript sent to the college or university of your choice, contact Lackawanna College Registrar's Office: 
    Dual Enrollment Courses for 2017-2018 through Pennsylvania College of Technology (Penn College NOW): (free)
    Web Design - Web Design
    Psychology - Psychology
    To have your Pennsylvania College of Technology Transcript sent to the college or university of your choice, contact Pennsylvania College of Technology Registrar's Office: 
    Any questions, contact the Guidance Office at 570-297-8705 
Last Modified on May 22, 2018