• THS Alumni Association
    In October 2001, The Troy Area School District Foundation Board established a selection process for nominating persons to the Foundation Hall of Distinguished Alumni.  The Board approved the following qualifications for election to the hall:  "Candidates shall be high school graduates and generally shall have graduated from or attended Troy Area Schools (or shall have, or previously have had, a close and valued relationship with the Troy Area School District or the Troy Area School District Foundation).  Candidates shall be of good moral character and designation as a member of the Hall of Distinguished Alumni shall be a credit to the Hall and to the Troy Area School District Foundation."  Nominations for entry into the Hall must be received by September 1 each year and those successful candidates will be inducted at a fall assembly at Troy Memorial Auditorium.  Nominations should be sent to the attention of the Chairman of the Selection Committee, Clyde Robbins  c/o Administrative Office, 68 Fenner Street, Troy, PA 16947.
    Arthur Dickerson and Robert Grantier received the 2015 Awards and were inducted into the Hall in a formal ceremony in the Troy Memorial Auditorium on December 3rd, 2015.  
    *Note: Nominations previously submitted and not awarded are kept on file for two years and will be reconsidered by the committee the second year.
Last Modified on April 7, 2016