What is expected of my students?

Providing clear and concise directions while promoting opportunities to be responsible and productive will always foster an environment where students feel purpose, validated, and successful. 

Below are visual posters that nurture a safe and efficient classroom where each child plays vital part in making the art room flourish with positivity and encouragement.

Below are rules for the classroom. These are very common and "real life" practices that are necessary to building a productive community of artistic learners. 

Trojan Armor

Our school building has put forth extreme amount of effort in  developing and executing a very powerful PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) plan. These Armor virtues are promoted daily through short daily lessons and reinforced through rewards and special "fun" days at our school. Teachers at our school know how important it is to walk the talk as they demonstrate commendable behaviors by actions  and the words they speak.

Colors and Jobs

Student are assigned a color for the entire year. Jobs rotate to allow students the opportunity to engage in different responsibilities to build various skills. Their colors coordinate with their jobs during class time. 

Traffic Light

What is it? 

The behavior traffic light is a system for reinforcing positive classroom behaviors.

This is a behavioral management system in which the class earns privileges.

The focus is not on punishment, but rather reinforcing the class for positive behaviors. 

Parts of the Traffic Light 

  • Ten Magnets  

  • Lights, Green, Yellow, and Red 

  • Reward Indicator (7 Squares) 


  • The Yellow Light -All Ten Magnets begin here. During class when an unacceptable behavior or actions takes place, a magnet from the green is returned to the yellow.  


  • The Green Light -corresponds with acceptable behaviors.  


  • The Red Light -When a magnet is placed in the red, this indicates issues of inappropriate behaviors are consistently taking place. For example: noise loudness, talking out without raising hands, or inappropriately handling materials.  


The Reward Indicator 

  • At the end class, if students have more magnets in the green than in the red, they earn a green square.  


  • If student earn 6 Green squares, they get a special reward. 

  • Reward Ex. (20min on ipads, treats, gameboards, choose a class fun activity from a list of choices…) 


Artwork Checklist
When students are creating artwork, they are to look over the Artwork Checklist to guide them in to making visually strong art. 

3-2-1 Mona Lisa

To get students attention, students are asked to sit in their best Mona Lisa with hands crossed, backs straight, eyes and faces showing that they are ready to listen. At the end of class, students are to push their chairs into the correct position and to show their best standing Mona Lisa. 

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