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Hello!  My name is Kyle Bellinger and I want to welcome you to the Croman Elementary school counselor webpage.  I hope you will take time to read important information about counseling services offered to students. I also plan to provide parents/guardians updates about student activities happening at Croman.

I need your feedback! Use the link below to complete the parent/guardian needs assessment:

What Does a School Counselor Do?

School counselors help ALL STUDENTS acquire the KNOWLEDGE, ATTITUDES, and SKILLS needed to be successful in academic, career and social/emotional development.

At Croman Elementary School, that happens at 3 different levels:

Level 1- ALL STUDENTS receive wellness lessons during the specials rotation. These lessons teach students about many different social-emotional skills, such as identifying and expressing emotions appropriately, coping skills, communication skills, and problem solving skills.

Level 2- SOME students receive small group counseling and/or instruction. Small group counseling and instruction is for students who need extra help learning specific skills. Small group counseling is typically short-term.

Level 3- FEW students receive short-term individual counseling. Individual counseling is meant for students who have higher individual needs or need help with a problem that is not appropriate for a group setting.

**If a student needs more support beyond what I can offer, there are other options available. Please contact me to inquire about these supports**

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