Schools and Information for Students with Disabilities

Schools and Information for Students with Disabilities

Hiram G. Andrews

The Hiram G. Andrews Center conducts a comprehensive program of services featuring the integration of education, counseling, evaluation, and physical restoration in a barrier-free environment.

At the Hiram G. Andrews Center, education is not confined to the classroom. While the majority of a student's time and attention is focused on education and training, job skills are only part of the learning experience. A continuum of support services ranging from vocational evaluation and career exploration to independent living skills combines to offer our students the skills they will need to live, work and contribute in the community. This variety of services also enables the individual to examine personal behavior and make positive changes in preparing for entry-level employment.

HGAC, which is completely barrier-free, covers 12 acres or 522,370 square feet under one roof. Each student is provided with an individual work station and specialized adaptive tools and equipment as needed.

Interested applicants are urged to visit HGAC, inspect the school, and explore its opportunities. Tours for individuals and groups can be arranged by appointment. Call 814/255-8200 or use our toll-free number, 800/762-4211, extension 8217, to arrange a tour of the Center.

Our Integrated Approach
While many colleges offer special programs for students with learning difficulties, Landmark College is one of the only accredited colleges in the United States designed exclusively for students with dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), or other specific learning disabilities.

Why does Landmark's approach succeed? Because we take a different path. We teach the skills and strategies necessary for success in college and the workforce. Here at Landmark, you learn how to learn, and this knowledge helps you become more confident and independent.

All of this is achieved through an integrated approach to the whole student. Landmark College strongly believes that bright students who learn differently can also learn to achieve and thrive. All you need is to master the learning and study strategies.

Students at Landmark get far more personal, directed assistance than at other colleges. Each student receives individualized attention from classroom instructors — in courses tailored to meet your educational needs. We have courses for skills development, college credit, and an Associate Degree Program for individuals who have average — to superior — intellectual potential. Our experienced advisors meet frequently with you to review and guide your progress. All instructors are trained professional educators, not teaching assistants or peer tutors.

Penn College of Technology
The College is responsible for ensuring that courses, programs, services, activities, and facilities are available and usable in the most integrated and appropriate settings. Students with disabilities seeking accommodations must:

  • identify himself or herself as an individual with a disability
  • request needed accommodations, and
  • document, from the appropriate professional, how the disability limits their participation in courses, programs, activities, and use of facilities.

Upon receipt of documentation of a disability, it is the responsibility of the Disability Services office to explore and facilitate reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, and and/or auxiliary aids and services for individuals with disabilities in courses, programs, services, activities, and facilities.

LD Online
More and more students with learning disabilities are enrolling in college and universities. And more and more institutions of higher education are offering support programs for students with learning disabilities. Here we've assembled information to assist in the planning and selection process, plus lots of advice on creating a successful postsecondary education experience. 

College Board Services for Students with Disabilities
The College Board is committed to serving students with disabilities by providing services and reasonable accommodations appropriate to the student's disability and the purpose of the exam. Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) provides Advanced Placement (AP), PSAT/NMSQT, and SAT testing accommodations for students who have documented disabilities.

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