• Mrs. Panek
    Name:     Christine Panek
    Subject:   Spanish
    ¡Bienvenidos al mundo hispanohablante!
    Mrs. Panek graduated from Altoona Area High School in 1990, and then attended Gettysburg College and earned a BA in Spanish in 1994.  As a child, she lived in Guadalajara, Mexico from the ages 2 - 5.  During her studies as a Spanish major at Gettysburg, Mrs. Panek lived in Seville, Spain.  In July 2012, Mrs. Panek completed her Master of Science in Educational Leadership from Wilkes University.
    Mrs. Panek has been teaching Spanish at Troy since the Fall of 2000.  
    This website will offer a brief overview of what is taught in all Spanish courses offered at Troy High School.  For assignment and grade information, please log onto your child's Power School account or feel free to email me at any time (cpanek@troyareasd.org).