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    Name: Corey Johnson
    Room: Common's Building / Gym
    Subject: High School Health and Physical Education
    Hours for Help: 8:00- 3:30 or by appointment
                                soccer guy
                 T- Totally
                 R- Revitalizing
                 O- Our
                 Y- Youth
    Welcome and Bio:  I'm a graduate of Williamson High School and Lock Haven University. I taught elementary PE in Arizona for 5 years before returning to PA. I am married with 2 kids (boy and girl), and enjoy playing sports (even golf). I've been teaching at Troy High School since 2008 and have taken on coaching the girls varsity soccer team this year.
    I chose physical education as a career because of my passion for sports and I enjoy working with kids. Going into my 8th year as a teacher at Troy, I am excited about the changes that myself and Mrs. Seeley have made to the health and PE program and look forward to the future years of progress in this program.
    Welcome to a new year of Health and Physical Education, new this year we are offering a personal fitness course into our physical education curriculum. This course will give the students an opportunity to focus on their own fitness and not be engaged in the team or individual sports as we do in regular PE. Health will still be implemented into our class with lessons each week with assignments to follow. We are still focusing on more physical fitness and lifetime sports activities that the students can use after they leave high school and move on to college or the work force.
    Thank you,
    Corey Johnson