Name:     Mr. Beck
    Room:         105
    Subject:   English (8th Grade)
    Welcome:  English class is about the life-enriching power of language and communication. Students are meant to grow as readers, writers, thinkers, and presenters. The “craftsmanship” of writing and thought is emphasized.

    Writing is a primary focus throughout English 8. Students complete daily written tasks (both formal and creative) to develop their composition skills and to prepare for success on the state writing assessment. Students read various genres of literature to enhance literary interest and analysis skills (plot elements/figurative language). The basics of grammar (punctuation/parts of speech) are also studied.

    Overall, the goal of the class is to keep learning “human” in an increasingly standardized educational world. The hearts and minds of students are celebrated in the belief that curiosity and enthusiasm promote life-long learning.

Last Modified on May 2, 2014