• Mr. Seeley
     Name:  Mr. John Seeley
     Subject: Shop /CAD Instructor
     Room: Commons Building
    Welcome Students, Parents & Grandparents,
      My job is to give your sons and daughters some experience working with tools and power tools
    here in the wood shop. If you are taking shop for the first time you will make a series of
    wood projects that gradually introduce you to these tools, machines and operations.  Each of
    you will be assigned to make the following: hand carved wooden spoon, duck towel holder,
    jewelry box, a shelf, and if we have time a top project. Now don't worry we start out slowly.
      When you get here we will do our best to get you working as soon as possible. The first
    day I will be going over the above 3 things. Each of you will be assigned a clean-up
    assignment to be done each day.  I am a firm believer that you can learn a lot more
    by doing rather than listen to me ramble on and on. SAFETY here in the shop is our
    number one priority!  Make no mistake about that !  So.....we do need to spend the first
    day or two going over safety and administrative things .....what I call ....S O P 's standard
    operating procedures.
      Briefly, Level 2 shop students will be making a wood project( you will be  given a choice of 8-10 projects), spending some time on our
    metal lather and  if we have time, a "dash of electronics"  Level 3-4-5 shop students again you will be making a wood project; (the Adarondeck
    chair  and the Shaker candle stand have been good ones !) 
       Let me share a few more thoughts. Students learn a lot about themselves when they make a wood project from start to finish.