• Welcome to W. R. Croman Primary School: A place for education, fun, growth, challenge and friendship for students and staff alike. 

    W. R. Croman is home to students from kindergarten through second grade. It is located in the borough of Troy. 

    The elementary schools use the Everyday Math program for math instruction.  The program is very progressive and uses an "everyday" approach to math; teaching the students how math is used in our lives on a daily basis.  The program is thorough, and prepares our students well for success in their future years of schooling.    

    Our core reading/language arts series in grades K-2 is Reading Street, by Pearson/Scott Foresman publishing.  .  Each grade uses a basal for whole group instruction, and leveled readers to meet the individual needs of students.  The Reading Street series connects to state standards in Science and Social Studies allowing us to incorporate them into our reading/language arts block. 

    All students have physical education, music, art, library and technology one time per week.  Special education services and Title I reading services are available to students. 

    The principal for the building is Mr. Steve Brion.

Last Modified on February 11, 2016