Speech Sound Development Chart
    Name: Donna Williams
    Class: Speech and Language Therapy
    Grades: Kindergarten through Second
    Phone: 570-297-3145

    It's Not Just Talk Presentation 2015 

    DMW                                  speech words
    I am a graduate of Bloomsburg State College, where I received a degree in Communication Disorders. I earned a Master of Science degree from Bloomsburg University in Speech and Language Pathology. I have worked in the Troy Area School District since 1985.
    I am married and have three children, all of whom graduated from Troy Area School District and went on to earn college degrees.
    My hobbies include photography, using computers, reading, and doing different kinds of puzzles. I like to watch Penn State football and Syracuse basketball. I also like the New York Yankees.
    I have a beagle named Sonja and a cat named Lily.

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