• Troy Area School District's Wellness Page
    Welcome to our new website.  We are working to give you tips on wellness that will help you have a healthier lifestyle.  We welcome your questions and comments and will research any area of wellness that you want to know more about.Our mission is to advance and promote good health among our employees so that we can be a positive influence on our students and coworkers.

    • Immunizations 2014-2015

    Regulations for the 2013-2014 school year:
    4 doses of tetanus (1 after 4th birthday)
    4 doses of diphtheria (1 after 4th birthday)
    3 doses of polio
    2 doses of measles
    2 doses of mumps
    1 dose of rubella
    3 doses of hepatitis B
    2 doses of varicella (chicken pox) or history of the disease
    Attendance at school depends upon your child receiving the appropriate immunization, or exemption from the immunization (*in the case of exemption and an outbreak, the parent understands that they MUST come to the school and pick up their child immediately upon notification from the school)

    • Website Links:

    EBOLA: With the recent outbreak in Africa and the diagnosed cases in Texas, the Pennsylvania Department of Health would like to spread the word about the disease.  Just copy and paste the link below!
    EV-D68: Enterovirus-D68 is in the news.  Find out more from the Pennsylvania Department of Health below!
    LYME'S:It's Tick and Lyme Disease season again.  Here are a few links on the subject!