• The happiest day of my life!
    Name: Mrs. House
    Subject:8th Grade Math
    Hours for Help:7:50 am - 8:20 am and DS
    Bio: I'm new here to the Troy Area SD. I grew up in Tioga county and graduated high school from North Penn and graduated college from Mansfield. I was married this past July!
    I try to incorporate many different strategies in my teaching so that I can reach every student in their learning needs. Math can be a tough subject for students and I try to ease the frustrations that come along with it. Everyday will be a new challenge in the math classroom and if we are all willing to work hard we will be able to accomplish our educational goals!
     I will attempt to update my site at least once a week (more often if I can). I will post class notes and homework assignments. If you have any questions about assignments or upcoming events in math class you can email me at thouse@troyareasd.org or you can call me 297-2750.