Name: Heidi K Butler
    Room: 219
    Subject: Learning Support
    Hours for Contact: 8:00 - 3:30 in school
    or e-mail anytime during or after school hours. 
    If you would like to talk on the phone after school e-mail me and I will call you as soon as possible.

    Hello, and welcome to my website. 

    I am a Special Education Teacher in grades 9-12. I will do everything possible to assist students to find their maximum potential. I truly enjoy working with students, their adults at home, and everyone involved in ensuring they are successul. 
    I believe in creating a strong student/teacher/parent/school relationship as well as providing a respectful, sincere, and structured learning environment. It takes the support of each and every individual in a student's life to ensure they succeed and I will strive to provide an atmosphere of learning, respect, and trust for all students.
    Communication is the key to all successful relationships and I hope you will feel comfortable contacting me any time you see a need. The school phone number is (570) 297-2176, extention 8219, or e-mail: hbutler@troyareasd.org. I work within the studnets classrooms so it is best to e-mail me if you need a quick response.

    I am thrilled to be a part of your educational career and I look forward to making this a successful year together.

    Very Respectfully,
    Mrs. Heidi Butler
    Learning Support, 9-12 grade