• Mrs. Aylesworth
    7th Grade History

    Welcome!  In 7th grade we will be studying American History from its beginnings through the Period of Expansion as well as U.S. Geography. For more information on units we will be covering, grading and classroom expectations please see the class syllabus on eBackpack.
    Assignments will be available through the eBackpack app. Additional information may be provided by email.  Please see me with any questions.  
    Organization is a huge factor necessary for your success in 7th grade! Please keep track of your materials and keep your notes packet up to date. Materials that were completed in class are always available in the form of a paper copy in the Absent Binder in my room and many copies are available on eBackpack as we complete notes in class.
    Follow this link to view my class and flashcards on Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/join/m6vYqA4zg
    Note: Students MAY create their own Quizlet account, but this is not required to access review materials.