• Van Derlyke
    Name: Mrs. Van Derlyke
    Room: 113
    Subject: Science
    Hours for Help: Please see me during Directed Study
    Bio: Before I became a teacher, I worked as an Environmental Scientist. Understanding the world around us and working to protect it has always been a passion of mine. I became a science teacher because I want to help others to become interested in our environment too! 

    Our 7th grade science class is an integrated class, which means we will be learning about all kinds of science topics. To give you an idea of the information we will be discussing, check out the list of topics below:

    ·         Scientific Method

    o   Experimental design

    o   Variables and constants

    o   Developing a hypothesis

    o   Lab safety

    o   Lab equipment 

    ·         Life Science

    o   Cell structure

    o   Cell reproduction

    o   Life cycles

    o   Genetics/Inheritance

    *There will be a dissection in this unit


    ·         Ecological Systems

    o   Biomes

    o   Natural selection

    o   Adaptations

    o   Natural resources

    ·         Weather and Climate

    o   Wind patterns

    o   Water systems

    o   Atmospheric conditions 

    ·         Earth and Space Science

    o   Solar system

    o   Earth’s rotation

    o   Gravity

    o   Phases of the moon 

    ·         Physical Science

    o   Energy transfer

    o   Forces

    o   Simple machines 


    Grading for this class will be via Mastery Connect.


    Homework Policy: Homework will be assigned once or twice a week.  It is intended to help the students review the concepts we are discussing in class.

    iPad Policy: Having iPads in the classroom will be a great addition to the class! Students are expected to bring them to school, charged and ready for use. We will use the iPads for research or other activities in class. It is unacceptable for them to be used at an inappropriate time or in an inappropriate way. Issues will be handled as needed, however, if at any time a student is using the iPad without permission during class time, I will take it and store it until the end of class. The student may not be able to participate in the activity and may lose points if this happens.

    Cell phone Policy: Cell phones are not permitted to be used during class. There are no exceptions to this rule.

    Discipline will generally be handled in class. Students will be participating in lots of lab activities to reinforce the scientific concepts we are learning about. Participating in a lab is an earned privilege. If a student does not behave properly during these activities, he or she will be asked not to participate, and may have to make the work up on his or her own time or lose points.

    My email at school is avanderlyke@troyareasd.org.  If you have any additional questions that I did not address, please email me.  I am looking forward to a great year!

Last Modified on August 30, 2016