Educational excellence is an investment in our future. As the leader of an educational partnership with the family and community, Troy Area School District will prepare all students with the skills essential to become responsible, productive citizens and lifelong learners in a rapidly changing global society.


    We believe...
    ...in learning as a lifelong process
    ...that all people can learn and be successful
    ...that people learn differently
    ...that early childhood education is fundamental to learning
    ...the primary focus of education is the student
    ...that creativity and problem-solving are an important part of the educational process
    ...that people need to adapt to an ever-changing technological society
    ...that the world impacts on education and education impacts on the world
    ...common goals are best achieved through teamwork
    ...that education is essential to develop one's self-worth, talent and success in life.
    ...in the importance of honesty, integrity, loyalty, and respect for self and others
    ...in providing a quality educational program at the most effective cost
    ...that a quality education is a prudent community investment
    ...that the family is the strongest influence on the development of an individual
    ...that the higher expectations yield higher results
    ...that a quality education is the result of a challenging comprehensive program taught by an exceptional staff