• Governor Edward G. Rendell signed the new Right To Know law on February 14, 2008 fundamentally changing the way people access public records of their government, and the way government processes those requests.  The new law created the Office of Open Records to help implement and enforce Act 3 of 2008.  A significant role of the Office of Open Records is to provide guidance for the new law, which fully takes effect January 1, 2009.  You can visit the Office of Open Records by clicking on the following link: http://openrecords.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt?
    The new Right to Know law can be downloaded by clicking this link: Right to Know Law

    The law requires that each Agency appoint a Right-to-Know Officer (RTK Officer).   The RTK Officer has four tasks required by law:

       1) Receive requests submitted to the agency
       2) Direct requests to other appropriate persons within the agency or to appropriate persons in another agency
       3) Track the agency's progress in responding to request
       4) Issue interim and final responses under this act
    The Troy Area School District has appointed the Board Secretary, Mrs. Traci Gilliland, as the Right to Know Officer.  She can be emailed at tgilliland@troyareasd.org. 
    To file a Right to Know request for information, you must fill out the request for information form, which you can download by clicking the following link: Right To Know Request
    If you have any questions, you can contact Mrs. Traci Gilliland using one of the following methods:
    • Phone - 570-297-2750
    • Fax - 570-297-1600
    • E-Mail - tgilliland@troyareasd.org