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    Welcome to the TIS PTSO web page. We will use this in conjunction with our facebook page to help keep
    you informed and up to date on everything that is going on with the PTSO. 


    P.T.S.O. Mission Statement


    2018-2019 School Year


    Our P.T.S.O. is committed to providing the students and staff of Troy Intermediate School with an enriched educational experience.  Through the team work of volunteers, students, teachers, and administrators, we will succeed.  Let’s create wonderful memories for Troy Intermediate School!


    Sponsor Us! 

    We are looking for businesses that would be interested in sponsoring our Unity shirts this year. Any business that donates $50 or more will get their name printed on the back of the shirts. Please email tisptso@troyareasd.org and send a message, or comment on our Facebook page if you or someone you know may be interested. Thank you!

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