• Troy JHS Student Council Welcomes YOU!!!
    Mission Statement
    The purpose of this organization shall be:
    1.  To unify the students and the faculty of the school into one working, productive body.
    2.  To promote good citizenship.
    3.  To foster democratic ideals among our students.
    4.  To help to establish and to enforce rules of proper conduct. 
    5.  To inspire greater scholastic and social interest in our school life.
    6.  To foster more positive teacher-student relationships.
    7.  To promote and coordinate many extra-curricular activities.
    8.  To promote scholarship and leadership. 
    Troy JHS Student Council is a very proud member of PASC and NASC. 


    The Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils is a student-led organization seeking to promote student leadership throughout Pennsylvania. It is facilitated by advisors and students, representing its 600-member high schools and middle schools across the state. Within their student councils, students develop strong leadership skills to promote a better sense of pride, service and appreciation for their communities.


Last Modified on July 17, 2015