K-6 Building Project

K-6 Building Advantages and Disadvantage 

Buildings and Grounds Committee Meeting- July 14th  

Discussing K-6 Renovation at TIS 



Advantages of a one building model 


  • Give access to the use of the Commons Building and Auditorium if all students were at TIS

  • Give us the choice of consolidating services for all K-6 staff from outside agencies into one building

  • Give us the choice of consolidating services for all guidance lessons K-6 into one building 

  • More distributed spaces for staff to expand programs such as STEM 

  • More accessibility for training K-6 staff all in one location  

  • Easier to support all K-6 staff from Administration in one location  

  • Easier to develop a more common language and expectations for students along with easier grade level transitions K-6 while students are all in one building 

  • Foundationally TIS is a very solid building – Made of Steel and is structurally sound will make it an easy structure to add on additions too 

  • Keeping siblings together K-6 all in one building, reducing separation anxiety 

  • Younger students will have the ability to have older students as role models and will be easily available for shared reading and group activities  

  • More enrichment opportunities will be available K-6, such as combined assembly programs, field trips and extra-curricular activities  

  • A more team approach for teaching and learning K-6 when everyone is working together in one building 

  • Gain Instructional time (30-45 mins) by reducing two different drop-off and pick-up locations with one centralized location

  • Less traffic concerns- we will be looking at adding another exit way and entrance to improve the flow of traffic  

  • The ability to incorporate a pre-k program, early childhood intervention program, and a day care program 

  • The opportunity to provide more specialized services, reducing the cost of outsourcing to other venues to programs that we can provide within our district   

  • Provides more space to teach specials, teachers are currently using carts to teach music and other related arts. 

  • Gives us the opportunity to better prepare our pre-k students prior to them coming to kindergarten 

  • The ability to provide more receptacles and state of the art teaching equipment for our teachers and students 

  • Providing updates to the cooling and heating systems, making them more economical  

  • All the materials and supplies K-6 will be delivered to the same location  

  • Open house for younger household siblings all in the same location, similar to current 7-12 grade model  


Disadvantages of a one building model 



  • Concerned about losing the current tight K-2 special bond between the K-2 families and teaching staff

  • We have always had a K-2 building  

  • Keeping the K-2 students isolated from the 3-6 grade students  




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