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Journal Writing Prompt 2017

Journal Writing Prompts

Journal Writing Prompt 2017   


Writing Prompt #11 by Sophie W for Week of 8/21/17 

Hello, I'm Sophie W and I'll be a junior at Troy High School next year. In the summer, I spend a lot of time drawing and painting. I love seeing my ideas come together on paper.  


Imagine you were given a box of crayons that could bring whatever you draw with them off the paper, into the real world. What would you draw? Which colors would you use? Be specific and include lots of details. Tell all about the amazing things our create by writing or by drawing it yourself! 


We hope you've had a great summer, and we're so excited to see you back on campus!  


Writing Prompt #10 by Zane L for Week of 8/14/17 

Hello, my name is Zane L and I will be a senior at Troy High School. One outdoor activity I enjoy is running. I love the sound of gravel crunching beneath my feet, and the wind blowing through my hair. What activity do you enjoy on a nice summer day? Describe this activity in detail or draw me a picture. 


Writing prompt #9 by Olivia Tate for Week of 8/7/17 

Hi! My name Olivia Tate and I am going into 8th grade at Troy JR High School I am super into astronomy; that is the study of stars. Constellations is like playing connect the dots with stars and the pictures they form are connected to ancient stories. If you were going to have a constellation of your own what would it be and why? Write about your constellation describing what it represents and draw a picture of it too! 

Writing Prompt #8 by Braden W for Week of 7/31/17 

Hi my name is Braden W. I am going to be senior next year. My very favorite thing to do during the school year and summer is to perform in musicals. I love becoming a character and getting the opportunity to transform into someone else who might be just like me, or nothing like me at all. Through musicals I’ve gotten to become all different kinds of characters like a prince, the captain of an Egyptian army, and even a monkey. 

If you could transform into any character from a movie, TV show, book, or play, who would you be? What would you do as this character? If one doesn’t come to mind you can make one up. Make sure to give details. 


Writing Prompt #7 by Stacie S for Week of 7/24/17  

Hello, my name is Stacie S. I am going to be a senior in high school and I have a lot of hobbies. I like drawing, writing and performing, but one thing that I like the most is reading. I have liked to read since I was very young. I always loved learning about the main characters and living out their adventures through the story. Tell me about your favorite character in a book and what qualities you like about them. Lastly, write a story about an adventure you and the character could go on together. Be creative and descriptive!  


Writing Prompt #6 by Madeline D for Week of 7/17/17  

 Hi, my name is Madeline D! I am an upcoming junior and I love to eat sweet things! One of my all-time favorites are peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. I could eat them all day! Tell me about a food or dessert you could eat all day. Give lots of detail and draw a picture!  


Writing Prompt #5 by Grace L for Week of 7/10/17  

Hi! My name is Grace L and I will be a senior at Troy High School next year. During my free time I enjoy playing piano. What is your favorite free time activity, and why do you enjoy doing it?  

Tell me about your favorite activity to do in your free time by writing and/or by drawing pictures.  


Writing Prompt #4 by Kaden M for Week of 7/3/17  

Hey! My name is Kaden M and I will be a junior at Troy high school next year. I have always had the dream to go skydiving but have never gotten the chance to. If you got the chance to make one of dreams to come true this summer what would you do? Tell me about it using as much detail as possible or drawing a picture.  


Writing Prompt #3 by Nate M for Week of 6/26/17  

Hi! I’m Nate M and I’m going to be a senior at Troy High School next year. If I had an unlimited amount of money, I would build a beach house in the Bahamas or I’d take a cruise on the best cruise ship in the world. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it? Write or draw all your ideas, even if they are a little crazy.  


Writing Prompt #2 by Madison A for Week of 6/19/17  

Hi! My name is Madison A and I’m going to be a junior at the high school next year. My favorite thing to do over the summer is play softball. What’s your favorite game to play in summer and how do you play it? Tell me by writing about it or drawing pictures.  


Writing Prompt #1 by Marissa B for Week of 6/12/17  

Hi! My name is Marissa B and I will be a junior at the high school. My favorite animal is a lion. What's your favorite animal? Describe your favorite animal and its habitat. Use as many details as possible in your explanation or picture.