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Embedding a PPT into CAOLA

  1. Open your PPT in OneDrive. Click File, Share, Embed.
    1. This brings up an option for what size you want to embed. I chose the 722x565 size after trying all of the sizes and figuring that one fits the best. Granted that was on my screen and not the iPad screens the kids would use. I’ll figure that out tomorrow!
  2. Cope the embed code.
  3. In the CAOLA editor, click the plus sign to add an activity.
  4. Choose the Embed Code option, write a title, paste the code you copied. Drag and drop to the location you want!

Leighanne Ingram

How to change due dates in CAOLA (with pictures)

Start by going into your course editor. Then go to the wrench ?? icon and click on course settings and unclick “continuous course.” This takes away the setting of having all of the due dates populate by themselves based on the ending date. You can also change the ending date for the last day of the semester if you need to. Make sure to save before you exit!


Next, click on scheduling at the top of page. This will take you into the calendar when you can easily assign any of your assignments/quizzes. All of your modules will be on the left side. To open a module, click on the folder and everything will drop down. Drag and drop your assignments and quizzes to whatever date you want them on.

If you place something on the wrong date, click on the assignment in the calendar. It will come up below the calendar. Click the 3 dots on the right side and remove the due date.

If you want to go into individual assignments to schedule them and change any other settings, you will click on the pencil for that assignment to edit it. Click settings at the top of the page. Check the box next to due date. This will give you a calendar option and the ability to allow late assignments. There are a bunch of other settings here as well that you can work with! Don’t forget to click SAVE before trying to go out of the editor.

Leighanne Ingram

Making Groups in CAOLA

Caitlin Wright

Finding Filter with Groups

Caitlin Wright

Duplicating and turning off assignments

Caitlin Wright
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