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10th annual honor roll
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Troy Virtual Academy

Online learning is becoming an indispensable experience for students as they enter into higher learning, a career or military following high school. At TAJSHS, we are working with students to not only have the best academic experience within the brick and mortar, but to allow for flexibility through online learning. Our students are able to experience an online learning environment with a support system in place to ensure success.


Talking Points

  • Personal connection with the best educators in Bradford County.  We are a school leading with technology to enhance the educational experience of all students.
  • We have a supportive administrative team that will go above and beyond to ensure your student needs are being met and that your students are successful learners.
  • We will provide your student with meals while they are learning at home along with any supporting materials you need.
  • Our schools CAOLA online program provides the same type of online instruction as a Cyber Charter School.  Our program gives you the personal connection of working with our Troy faculty & staff. We will provide you with in-person teacher conferences, career counseling, technology support, hot spots if needed, tutoring support, and counseling support for any needs.
  • Our TVA program allows you to take HS courses and to participate in HS electives and extra-curricular activities same as a TROY Trojan student. 
  • Research has shown that students attending Cyber Charter Schools have lower attendance rates, higher drop-out rates, lower state test scores, lower course completion rates, and fewer opportunities for advancement.
  • By attending our TVA program, you can earn a TROY SCHOOL DISTRICT DIPLOMA after completing all required course credits. 
  • Students can attend Northern Tier Career Center while attending our TVA program.
  • Final plug:  Did we mention we offer the best TVA educational program in Bradford County?   We have the very best educators, administrators and support staff!!!  You won’t find a better deal elsewhere because we will match our program with any others and provide you with the same services that they promise. (Free IPAD with Keyboard, hot spot, materials & technical support).  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email [email protected]

Dr. Eric Stair


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