Special Education Student Enrollment Overview

Special Education Online Academy Enrollment/Expectations

Special Education Troy Academy Enrollment Process
  1. Parent completes referral form/contacts Coordinator of Troy Academy
  2. Troy Academy Coordinator informs Director of Student Services
    • Discussion of current services vs. Troy Academy services 
  3. In-take meeting is held to include the IEP Team
  • Current IEP revised to reflect services available in Troy Academy and appropriate SDIs and modifications
  • NOREP is issued to the parent reflecting placement in Troy Academy
  • Teacher Of Record (TOR) assigned by Director of Student Services (will be Coordinator of Troy Academy)
  • Expected start date given (depending on receipt of NOREP)

Special Education Teacher Expectations
Teacher of Record: (Coordinator of TroyAcademy)
  1. Maintain Special Education Paperwork
  • Write the annual IEP to include all required documents as appropriate (i.e. Invitation, Parental Consent to Excuse Members, etc.)
  • Write tri-annual/bi-annual re-evaluation reports
  1. Instructional Support
    • Work with the regular education teachers to assist with modifications/adaptations as outlined in the student’s IEP
    • Enter the final grade from the LMS into Power School at the end of the marking period
  2. Monitoring Student Progress
    • Coordinator of Troy Academy will conduct progress monitoring on all IEP goals for Troy Academy students assigned to them at least one time every two weeks
    • Coordinator of Troy Academy will provide the parent with a quarterly progress report
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