Tell Me More About Troy Academy

Tell me more about Troy Online Academy


Who:  Students in grades K-12 who are not able to attend the Troy Area School District in person, but wish to have access to district resources often will enroll in the Troy Academy (TA).  For the 2023-2024 school year, Troy Academy has appointed and hired a dedicated Troy teacher who will be available during the day in person, by phone, and via e-mail to provide educational assistance and contact students and families who have questions about the online learning process.    

What: The Troy Academy is an online tool that allows students to receive their education outside of the regular classroom.  Classes are assigned that meet the requirements of the school district and the state of Pennsylvania.  Some students may chose to take every class through the Academy, while others may have a full school day in person, and use Troy Academy to provide extra educational opportunities.  The Troy Academy utilizes Troy staff to work closely with students to monitor progress, provide assistance, and help to connect students with guidance regarding academic planning, including athletics, facilities, local teachers who care.

When:  Students who are enrolled in the Troy Academy will be expected to log-in online each day that school is in session and complete work.  Attendance will be taken.  

Where:  Students who are enrolled in the Troy Academy may complete work from home, or they may come into the school to work with the dedicated Troy Academy teacher.  There will be a dedicated space in the new THS Steam Literacy center where students can access internet, work on assignments, and collaborate with teachers. Students using this space will be expected to work diligently and to remain focused.  Students using this space will have access to the Troy Area School District Cafeteria Services.   

Why:  The Troy Area School district realized that students have diverse educational needs and learning styles.  The Troy Academy Provides flexibility to students who are unable to  attend school in the traditional manner.  

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