The SAP Process

The Sap Process

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What are some reasons a student might be referred to the SAP Team?
Parents, teachers, and other adults may become concerned about students if they notice changes in their behavior over time. Children can react to all kind of changes in their lives, and sometimes children will display signs that they are having difficulty with some changes or events in their lives. Students may be reacting to events such as:
 Death of a loved one Grief  Fear of separation
 Trauma Injury Illness of a family  member
 Absentee Parents Parent in the Military Neglect
 Abuse Bullying Family problems
 Anxiety Anger issues Depression
 Health concerns Exposure to drugs or  alcohol Eating problems
 Frequent sadness Decreased academic performance Change in personality
 Self injurious behaviors Mental Health problems Family addiction problems
This list is not exhaustive. If you are concerned about your child, contact a SAP team member.
What are some signs that a student might be struggling? 
 Behavioral, mood, personality changes Withdrawal Specific or general fears
 Repeated telling of trauma Obvious fear or anxiety Regression of skills
 Separation anxiety Loss of interest in activities Sleep disturbances
 Complaining of being sick all the time Hyperarousal/hypervigilance Loss of energy
 Loss of concentration Increased need for control Toileting problems
 Spacey or distractible Increase in aggression Reliving a trauma
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