Bus Behavior

Bus Behavior

Troy Area School District Transportation  

The school bus is an extension of the classroom and all Troy Area School District rules and regulations are in effect. Parents can and will be held responsible for any damage done by their children.   Student transportation is a privilege not a right in the state of Pennsylvania. No unauthorized person may enter a bus without approval; unauthorized persons may be punished according to the law of the state of Pennsylvania.

General rules and regulations for governing and assessing student behavior on the bus are as follows:

1. Students shall behave while on the bus. Riding the bus is a privilege that can be denied temporarily or permanently if the student’s behavior warrants it.

2. Students shall obey the bus driver at all times while under his/her supervision.

3. Student shall board the bus in a calm and quiet manner and proceed to an assigned or empty seat.

4. Students shall disembark in an orderly manner. Student shall not run in the bus or push other passengers while boarding or disembarking.

5. Any student living on the opposite side of the street shall cross in front of the bus while traffic is stopped. Students should wait for driver acknowledgement to cross street.

6. Students shall refrain from placing any part of the body or personal belongings outside the window or in the aisles.

7. Students shall cooperate with the driver in providing any and all information necessary to enforce the rules for safety.

8. Students shall refrain from talking with the bus driver except when spoken to or when an emergency arises.

9. Student shall act with courtesy and respect toward private and public property and shall expect to be held accountable for committing an act of vandalism.

10. Bus drivers will be instructed not to wait any longer than 10 seconds for a student who is not in sight. Students are expected to be at bus stop waiting for bus 5 minutes before the designated pick up time.

11. While on the bus or at bus stop students shall obey all rules and regulations normally associated with proper classroom behavior and safety. This includes refraining from tobacco and other controlled substances, vandalism of any kind, discourteous or from fighting, excessive noise, throwing of materials, use of profanity, use of disrespectful behavior, and possession of weapons.

12. Students shall remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion and shall not move from seat to seat.

13. No animals, weapons, dangerous or objectionable items may be brought onto the school bus.

14. Students are expected to keep their seat and bus area clean.

Major violations shall include but not be limited to:

1. Water guns or liquid containing vessels.

2. Aerosol spray cans used as a torch or weapon.

3. The use of tobacco and/or controlled substance.

4. Fighting, wrestling or any type of horseplay on bus or bus stop.

5. The use of abusive, foul or obscene language.

6. Students will not write, mark or damage in any way the interior or the exterior of the bus. Tampering with the bus or its equipment will be reported to the proper law enforcement authorities.

7. Throwing of any object on the bus.

Student transportation is an important part of the school's overall operation. The ultimate responsibility for student behavior on buses belongs to the building principal who must follow reasonable regulations for bus conduct. The responsibility for safety of the bus and discipline on the bus resides primarily with the driver. It is important that the driver stay in close contact with the principal and transportation director concerning situations which occur on the bus. With cooperation and mutual understanding of the rules and regulations governing behavior on the bus, the district will be able to provide safe transportation for all students.

The bus driver has the option of deciding if an incident of misconduct merits a written report to the principal. If the report of misconduct on the bus is of an extremely serious nature, the principal or designee may suspend the student's bus privileges. In order to expedite the action, the parents of the student will be notified by phone immediately and advised of the fact that suspension of bus privileges is taking place, the length of time of the suspension, and the dates on which the suspension will take effect and end.

If the misconduct is not of an extremely serious nature, yet the driver feels it necessary to report the incident, the principal or designee should proceed as indicated below. A list of all reported incidents of misconduct on a bus by a student (s) shall be kept in the principal's files and copy of report forwarded to the transportation office. The building principal will at all times attempt to communicate and cooperate with the driver(s); the transportation contractor and Transportation Director.

First Offense
Upon receipt from a bus driver of a written report indicating misbehavior on the part of a student, the principal shall speak with the individual so reported in order to determine the extent of the misbehavior, as well as the degree of discipline required. In all cases where the driver's report is substantiated, the principal shall notify the parents of the student as to the misconduct and any disciplinary action being contemplated. If a meeting among the parents, student, bus driver, administration (Principal and Transportation Director) and bus contractor is felt to be desired by any of the parties concerned, such a meeting should be encouraged. The basic intent of this meeting would be to seek understanding and cooperation among all those involved.

Second Offense
Upon the written report of a student's second offense of misbehavior on a bus, the parents/guardians will again be notified concerning the bus driver's report. This notification will inform the parents/guardians that repeated misbehavior by the student might result in the student being denied the privilege of riding the bus for an indefinite period of time. The parents/guardians will also be informed of any discipline measures being taken by the school.

Third Offense
Upon receipt of the student's third written report of bus misbehavior, the principal may suspend the bus privileges of the student. If suspension occurs, the student's parents/guardians will be notified concerning the principal's decision, the reason for the decision, and the length of time During that period of time in which a student is suspended from riding the bus, transportation to and from school becomes the responsibility of the parents/guardians of the student. As a general rule, if bus privileges are revoked at this time, such privileges will be revoked for a period of time not to exceed five (5) school days.

Fourth Offense
Upon receipt of the student's fourth written report of bus misbehavior, the principal shall suspend the bus privileges of the student. The parents/guardians of the student will be notified of the particulars concerning the report and the suspension. Such suspension of bus privileges will be for a minimum of five (5) school days and a maximum of forty five (45) days.

Repeated Violations
Repeated violations may result in more serious disciplinary measures being taken against the student. Such measures may include suspension of bus privileges for longer periods of time, permanent suspension of bus privileges for the remainder of the school year, suspension from school, or referral of the student to the Superintendent and the Board for consideration of disciplinary action.

Incidents of a Severe Nature
Incidents of a severe nature shall be reported immediately to the Superintendent. An incident may be judged by the principal and the Superintendent to be so severe as to warrant extreme disciplinary measures. The principal, in consultation with the Superintendent, shall have the authority to suspend the privileges at any time.

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