2023/2024 Transportation has been updated for the new school year.  Families are allowed to have one consistent morning stop and one consistent afternoon bus stop.  All emergency transportation must be received by the school office no later than 1:00 pm.  Transportation letters will be mailed to your home the week of August 7th.  If you've had any changes in your transportation needs, please contact our office at 570-297-2750, press 3 for Transportation or via email at [email protected].

The three black lines on school buses serve a purpose.  The bottom line is the floor of the bus.  The middle line is the seat line.  The top black line is the top of the seats.  These lines of the bus are reinforced, but they also let firefighters know where to cut in case of an accident.

Attention All Parents/Guardians:  If you move, the State requires we have Proof of Residency in your file.
This can be a photo copy of your driver's license, a piece of mail, a bill-such as an electric bill, a copy of a lease agreement.
We must have something with your name and new address on it before we can arrange transportation.

TSD Bus Conduct Report Form
Bus Behavior of Students

“Troy Area School District school buses are equipped with video and audio surveillance”

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